Starting point

Take the Carretera d’Arbúcies (GI-552) to the village of Breda (km 4-5). The route starts in the Plaça del Convent, which forms part of the village centre, where we find the Town Council building and Church.


Key features of the route

This circular route starts in the centre of Breda and passes by the emblematic Molí d’en Bosc, an old flour mill listed on the Inventory of Catalan Architectural Heritage, before heading to the entrance of the Montseny National Park and leading down through the rural surroundings of the village centre.


The route is rated as medium difficulty because of its length, as the overall variation in elevation is perfectly manageable for all the family. The route starts by heading north-west from the village towards the Molí d’en Bosc mill and the Font de la Pintoresca spring, climbing alongside the Riera de Breda stream and the Serra de Can Pelló range, crossing the GIV-5521 road to reach the highest part of the route. At this point, the route heads back down parallel to the Riera de Repiaix stream back to the Basses de l’Huguet pond and the back to the centre of Breda


Many would argue that the Font de la Pintoresca, also known as the Font del Molí, is the locals’ favourite spring and an historic picnic and leisure spot. Located right next to the Riera de Breda stream, the current spring dates back to 1912, but it had previously been tapped a few metres higher in 1884.


The Riera de Breda stream is also known by the name of Riera de Riells in its stretch through the village of Riells del Montseny. It is a tributary of the River Tordera that originates in the Montseny range. The stream marks the western municipal limit of Breda. The native vegetation is riverside woodlands and shrublands, such as alders and willows.