Starting point

Take the Carretera d’Arbúcies (GI-552) to the village of Breda (km 4-5). The route starts in the Plaça del Convent, which forms part of the village centre, where we find the Town Council building and Church.


Key features of the route

The route is rated as medium difficulty because of its length, as the variation in elevation is not particularly challenging. This route circles around the village of Breda, letting us see it from all the different perspectives, passing through wooded areas, along riverbanks and rural landscapes, where we can see locally iconic landmarks including the Pont del Mut bridge and the Molí d’en Bosc mill.


From Plaça del Convent, cross Breda southward until you reach Quintà de Can Sagristia, where you cross the Riera de Repiaix stream and head up towards Les Brugueres. At this point, the route runs parallel to the Repiaix, then continues up to the start of the La Móra wood. The descent then begins, crossing the Pont del Mut bridge down to the Molí d’en Bosc mill, where the route comes to an end, passing through the Boscos del Molí woods and coming into Breda from the west.


The Riera de Repiaix stream marks the municipal limit of Breda to the east. It originates in the mount of Montsoriu and flows into the Riera de Breda stream near the train station, shortly before it meets the River Tordera. There is now a path along a stretch of the bank of the stream, making it a pleasant spot for a stroll.


The Molí d’en Bosc is an old mill located on the outskirts of Breda, next to the Riera de Breda stream and very close to the Pintoresca spring. This mill was powered by the force of the stream water, which was diverted to a large pond. Its name comes from the nearby country house, Can Bosc. Just opposite, on the bank of the stream nearest to Breda, we can see the En Bosc pottery oven, an old lime kiln.